We have the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America

Known for producing some of the finest spiral bevel gears in the world, Brad Foote delivers an enhanced level of performance and strength. The exceptional quality of our gearing maximizes load-carrying capability with minimum vibration and lower noise levels—at extreme velocities. With the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America, Brad Foote offers the rare ability to produce gears of all sizes, including the largest sized gears used in mining applications and curved tooth spiral gears up to 100 inches in diameter. And we’re the only gear company to induction harden spiral bevel teeth. All our gears are produced on equipment from Gleason, the world’s foremost manufacturer of machinery used to generate bevel and hypoid gears.

Enclosed Drive Gearing

With the latest design and manufacturing technology, our Keystone Series of enclosed drive gearboxes offers the advantage of carburized, hardened and ground gearing in the wide range of sizes and  features. Made of heavy duty cast iron or fabricated steel housings, they offer both strength and integrity. Our engineers also specialize in drop-in replacements and can recreate an existing gear drive for a precise match, or we can design a new gear drive to fit customer specifications.

Custom Gearing

With almost 90 years of experience in gear drive manufacturing and repair, we bring our history of expertise in the industry to custom gearing. We apply it with precision down to the micrometer or fraction of a millimeter to meet the tightest tolerances and the highest quality standards. Our hobbing   capacity is up to and exceeds 130” diameter, and    our internal and external shaping capacity is up to   60” diameter.