steel industry Case Study

How We Helped This Fortune 500 Company

"The new custom-designed Brad Foote gearbox boosts productivity, providing 160% of the capacity of the original design within the same dimensional envelope."

Fortune 500 Steel Company Case Study

Our robust gearbox expertise, along with our ability to handle large components, brought this Fortune 500 customer and worldwide leader in steel and mining production to Brad Foote Gearing. This gearbox project required us to custom-design and manufacture a single input, double output speed reducer intended to lift and laterally move steel during manufacturing to increase productivity.



Solving Customer Challenges Through Gearing Innovation

A recurring failure of the input pin in the gearbox impacted manufacturing productivity, resulting in downtime as well as unplanned OPEX costs. 

We custom-designed and manufactured a gearbox configured as a single input, double output speed reducer intended to perform the customer's material handling requirements. 

Results Delivered

Our custom-designed gearbox:

  • Increased capacity to 160% of original gearbox design
  • Extended service life 2X
  • Reduced O&M expenses
  • Maintained the design's original dimensional envelope

Brad Foote successfully reduced operating costs, boosted profits, and delivered superior quality for this world-renowned steel and mining customer.


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