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High Horsepower, High Torque Gearbox

Reduced waste and operational expenses, with a custom engineered gearbox for mission critical mining applications.

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With over a century of mining and civil engineering infrastructure projects in their repertoire, this leading global civil engineering and building construction company offers diversified general contracting and design/build services to private clients and public agencies throughout the world. Known for their engineering and construction expertise when it comes to constructing deep shafts and tunnels, this organization specializes in heavy civil construction, mine development and products such as turn-key hoists, elevators and vertical conveyance systems. This renowned firm turned to Brad Foote Gearing for help, thanks to a century of gearbox expertise that Brad Foote has to offer.

The Challenge:  The company had been using two separate gearboxes to power two independent applications in a gold mine – a mine hoist, and a mine shaft elevator.  Their existing gearboxes were not delivering the horsepower to accomplish these two, radically different tasks.  With the help of Brad Foote’s expert industrial engineering team, they identified an opportunity to boost productivity while dramatically reducing waste in the gold mine.

  • Aggressive project goals were set:
  • dramatically increase horsepower
  • significantly reduce loads
  • minimize energy consumption
  • slash operations expenses

The Solution: Brad Foote custom engineered a double input, single output gearbox with super-high horsepower and torque to be used interchangeably for both industrial applications in the gold mine.

The new Brad Foote gearbox design successfully met the client's aggressive goals, reducing waste and the need for two, separate gearboxes to operate and maintain.  Operations costs were slashed, and gearbox maintenance was cut in half!  What’s more, energy consumption was minimized thanks to less horsepower waste.  Dual-purposing the gearbox helped to increase mine productivity and profitability, and offered a competitive edge against the competition, which is vital to the success of this company and their customers’ businesses. 

The Results:

  • Double horsepower with double input, single output gearbox design
  • Reduced waste by combining one gearbox into two separate applications
  • Slashed operations and maintenance costs
  • Maximized service life
  • Maintained original dimensional envelope, reducing wasted space


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Brad Foote partnered with this global mining customer to prove that LESS really is MORE, when it comes to gearbox design.  This innovative and powerful gearbox design offered the flexibility to increase their competitive advantage, reduce operational expenses, and maximize profits!



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