Gearbox Oil Change Services

Reduce Operations & Maintenance Costs with Bradfoote's easy and cost effective GearMAX on-site oil changes.

Why Oil Changes are Important.

Transmission oil not only protects gears and bearings from wear, it helps to keep components cool during operation. These systems are essential to the life and maintenance-free operation of your steel processing equipment and should be changed every 5,000 hours of operation depending on operating conditions. If operating conditions are severe—rapid rise and fall in temperature; extended running sump temperatures at 180 degrees or higher; in moist or dusty atmospheres; or in the presence of chemical fumes—it may be necessary to increase the frequency of oil changes as often as every one to three months.


Brad Foote’s GearMAXTM on-site oil changes provide benefits including:

  • Clean oil, free of impurities, sludge and moisture that can cause maintenance hassles down the road.
  • Use of American Gear Manufacturers Association 9004-D94 approved lubricants to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Reduce heat during operation, improving machine out-put and reliability.
  • Prevent premature equipment wear, helping to reduce equipment maintenance capital expenditure costs.
  • Minimize maintenance costs and maximize business profitability.

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GearMAXTM Solutions to Maximize Lifecycle of your Drivetrains


  • Inspections & failure mode analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Gearbox repair and rebuild kits
  • Upgrade rebuilt gearboxes
  • Gearbox remanufacturing
  • Oil changes
  • Major component exchanges
  • Turn-key” service



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