Paper & Pulp Industry Case Study

A Gearbox with 150% Increase in Torque

Boosts pulp manufacturing productivity by over 50%.

“We partnered with a leading pulp and paper company to custom engineer a gearbox with 150% increase in torque to boost pulp manufacturing productivity by over 50%. This improvement helped maximize manufacturing efficiencies and reduce waste, which fit well with the company's commitment to sustainability.”
— Project Engineering Manager, Brad Foote Gearing


Green Leadership

With nearly 115 years of experience, this leading Midwestern pulp and paper company offers the most extensive line of Green Seal™ certified products featuring innovative solutions and complementary dispensing systems to commercial facilities nationwide.  They have a rich history of environmental responsibility and leadership, and have been offering 100% recycled towels and tissue for over two decades. This renowned and well respected company turned to Brad Foote Gearing for help to improve their manufacturing process, thanks to a century of gearbox expertise and industry leadership.

The Results?

A Reengineered Gearbox with
150% More Torque to Fuel Growth
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The Gearing Challenge:

  • Needed to reverse engineer the gearbox
  • Wanted to increase torque to boost pulp output
  • Needed to upgrade the impeller to facilitate increased production
  • Desired improved manufacturing production rates
  • Wished to contain and control moisture during the manufacturing process
  • Hoped to extend manufacturing product lifecycle and reduce equipment O&M costs

The Solution:

  • Reengineer and improve gearbox torque by 150%
  • Boost pulp production by over 50%
  • Develop a water deflection system to improve manufacturing production and reduce negative impacts of moisture on equipment

The Results:

  • Increased horsepower by 2.5X or 150% with new single input, single output gearbox design
  • Designed a moisture-control water deflection system to preserve equipment life
  • Slashed operations and maintenance costs by reducing moisture damage to equipment during manufacturing
  • Increased pulp out-put by over 50%
  • Maintained original dimensional envelope, reducing wasted space

Brad Foote partnered with this leading paper & pulp customer to ensure that their gearbox design was driving production and profits to fuel the company’s growth.  The innovative and powerful new gearbox design offered the flexibility to increase the company’s competitive advantage, reduce operational expenses, and maximize profits at the same time!