Customer Stories / Gearbox Case Studies

    • Gearing Solutions that Maximize Production and Profits

      From Diagnostics, to Design, to Parts, to Full Gear Remanufacturing
      Whether you need replacement gearing or reverse engineering of gears inside an industrial gearbox, you can count on Brad Foote for all of your gear replacement needs.
    • Wind Gearing Case Study

      Gearing Upgrades Increase WTG Gearbox Life by 3x

      We partnered with Sentient Science to quantity the effect of DriveMAX™ enhancements on a European single stage planetary design gearbox to help our customers calculate the value and ROI.
    • steel industry Case Study

      How We Helped This Fortune 500 Company

      "The new custom-designed Brad Foote gearbox boosts productivity, providing 160% of the capacity of the original design within the same dimensional envelope."
    • steel industry Case Study

      Custom-Engineered Double-Horsepower Gearbox

      "We custom engineered a gearbox that doubled the horsepower with the same design envelope, enabling our steel customer to produce thicker walled steel tubing to grow their business."

      Specialty Gearbox

      Leading marine construction company choses Brad Foote for custom engineered two–speed dredging gearbox.
    • Wind Gearing Case Study

      Delivering 8x Life Extension in DriveMAX[TM] Ring Gear

      "To support our customers, we validated and quantified the life extension improvements we designed to solve the original issues with the ring gear with Sentient Science’s robust third party modeling system.”