steel industry Case Study

Custom-Engineered Double-Horsepower Gearbox

"We custom engineered a gearbox that doubled the horsepower with the same design envelope, enabling our steel customer to produce thicker walled steel tubing to grow their business."

Steel Industry Case Study

With over 40 years of steel tubing manufacturing success and a strong commitment to quality, integrity and service, this industry leading mid-western steel manufacturing company partnered with Brad Foote Gearing based upon a decade of gearbox expertise, engineering acumen, and our unique ability to handle large components.

The project specifications of this gearbox project required Brad Foote to custom engineer a single speed gearbox that more than doubled the horsepower within the same footprint.  This project enabled our steel manufacturing customer to produce 70% thicker walled steel tubing to meet market demands of the heavy construction industry, enabling them to grow their market penetration and increase sales growth.


Solving Customer Challenges Through Gearing Innovation

Problem:  Their existing gearbox was not delivering the horsepower needed to produce steel tubing to meet the needs of the heavy class construction market.  This limited their market reach and growth potential.  They needed to grow their business by offering new products in new market segments, and the enhanced gearbox enabled them to achieve this goal. 

Solution: Brad Foote engineers custom designed a gearbox to double our steel customer’s material handling and manufacturing needs to produce HSS structural tubing made in accordance with the mechanical and chemical property requirements of ASTM A500,
Grades B & C.


Results Delivered:

  • Double horsepower
  • Extended service life 2X
  • Maintained original dimensional envelope, reduced wasted space

Brad Foote worked with this leading U.S. manufacturer of square, rectangular and round structural steel tubing to reduce operating costs, boost profits, and deliver the superior quality necessary to match their quality commitment to their customers. 

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